The term "retention" in regards to school means repeating an academic year of school. 0. In deed, were it not for their retention of the characteristic odontophore we should have little or no indication that such forms as Phyllirhoe and Limapontia really belong to the Mollusca at all. 🔊. call-up of reservists brings new problems for recruiting and retention to these hard pressed areas. Moreover, park-cattle display evidence of their descent from dark-coloured breeds by the retention of red or black ears and brown or black muzzles. Increasing the insurance company's product range increases client loyalty and client retention. Moving Beyond Retention and Social Promotion. Retention; 1. This helps determine the research data's value and how it should be managed throughout its lifecycle. Research has shown that the highest rate of nitrogen retention is achieved with 100% whey protein. The finer the particles the greater their surface tension and the more their moisture retention levels and vise versa. The present structure dates, like many others in the principality, from Edward I., perhaps even from the plans of the architect of Carnarvon and Conway castles, but with the retention of old portions. Urogenital tract Rare: urinary retention, urinary incontinence. Under Elizabeth, however, the English Merchant Adventurers could finally rejoice at the withdrawal of privileges from the Hanseatics and their concession to England, in return for the retention of the Steelyard, of a factory in Hamburg. Another less common reason for retention is poor attendance due either to truancy or medical absences. Monash University Retention and Disposal Authority, see table below for specific sentences related to research data). urogenital tract Rare: urinary retention, urinary incontinence. In other cases, where the buds themselves contain a sufficiency of nutritive matter for the young growths, the retention of leaves is not necessary. Retention can be emotionally traumatic for middle school students. In acute renal failure fluid retention can lead to hyponatraemia. They do not represent the opinions of Owing to liability to necrosis, the permanent retention of such a mass of dead bone would be dangerous; and the antlers are consequently shed annually (or every few years), to be renewed the following year, when, till the animal becomes past its prime, they are larger than their predecessors. She also noted that he had no bladder distention to suggest urinary retention. Minimal change disease is a form of nephrotic syndrome seen in children, characterized by swelling and weight (from fluid retention), foamy urine, and loss of appetite. Studying is one of the best ways to increase your retention of information. A meeting of representatives of all European inhabitants of the Sovereignty, elected on manhood suffrage, held at Bloemfontein in June 1852, never theless declared in favour of the retention of British rule. retention of an ultimate deterrent or ultimate guarantee of national security is a political given - but its scale is not. The needs of the central government lead to its retention of the more profitable modes of procuring revenue. Edema, joint swelling, arthralgias, myalgias and paresthesias may be clinical manifestations of fluid retention. Benefits packages play a major factor in employee recruiting and retention. The sub-aqueous retention of "ground-ice" or "anchor-ice," which forms in certain circumstances at the bottom of streams or pools in which there are many eddies, is due to the cohesion between it and the stones or rocks which compose the bed of the streams or pools. Urinary retention and constipation are common in the acute stage, but later on sphincter function recovers. frequented by sea-birds, whence come the guano deposits, the retention of ammonia and other fertilizing properties being due to the absence of rain. For weed control and moisture retention, apply at least three inches of mulch. However, the Government's data retention proposals still arouse consternation. Retention in school is also called grade retention, being held back, or repeating a grade. The skilful manoeuvres of the French, whether due to Louis' own generalship or that of his advisers, resulted in the speedy capture of Ghent and Ypres (March), and the retention of the prizes in the usual war of posts which followed. vermilion color, maintenance of oral sphincter function and mouth opening size, and retention of sensation. The result in the vote against the development and for the, 28. The deeper the mulch, the better job it does at water retention and weed prevention. They are usually included in Oomycetes, but their simple structure, minute size, usually uniciliate zoospores, and their negative characters would justify their retention as a separate group. retention schedule tells us: How long records are needed. Define retention. 🔊 Sarah obviously does not have a retentive memory because she … Likewise, consumption of soft drinks will encourage fluid retention. The Stenopidea, another primitive group, differing from the Penaeidea in the character of the gills,, appear in the Trias and Jurassic. Retaining workers of all age groups will be increasingly important for organizations looking to maximize the retention of skills, knowledge and experience. Most of us tend to eat fa substratum surface roughness on the retention of microorganisms. Retention in a sentence. 0 Urgent detention of acquitted persons Section 134: power of court to detain acquitted persons 259. xviii., xxxiii. However, retention of a course found to … use "retention" in a sentence The retention of information is aided by repetition. He was at this time in favour of a strong Austrian empire, which should consist of a federation of the southern German and the Slav states, allowing of the retention of their individual rights. h; (2) the retention of s between vowels; (3) the change of medial and initial d to 1; (4) the retention of medial f which became in Latin b or d; and (5) the change of Ind.-Eur. The retention list of example sentences with retention. Because the weight loss product seemed fake and pretentious to me, I decided to buy an alternative item. Practitioners prescribe black cohosh to control the symptoms of menopause and assist with menstrual cramps and water retention related to menstruation. Fluid retention: More specifically, fluid retention can cause dilation. They supported the retention of a strong central government. Any retention made by the first mortgagees should also be deducted. Vitamin B6 may decrease fluid retention, fatigue, irritability, and mood swings. The desirability of this punishment, by and large, depends on the nature of the crime and the circumstances associated therewith. 4. It's a simple shoe without flashy effects, made to reduce water retention. The parent's consent has gone and the retention becomes wrongful. All the sweat retention rashes are also more likely to occur in hot, humid weather. The infected person develops a high fever and possibly a rapid heartbeat when lying down, paleness, shortness of breath, and fluid retention. Inspired by an ancient Aztec remedy for chronic gout, these delicious treats have been scientifically proven to fight the affects of water retention. In the autumn of 1907, however, as the latter's retention of office became more and more improbable, it became evident that no other possible successor had equal qualifications. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on. Filter. Another word for retention. Without water retention the land becomes baked. Research suggests that social promotion and grade retention are not educationally effective policies. Although it has the deciduous dentition, Mme Pavlow considers herself justified in referring the Kherson skull to the genus Procamelus previously known only from the Lower Pliocene or Upper Miocene strata of North America, and differing from modern camels, among other features, by the retention of a fuller series of premolar teeth.

retention in a sentence

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