I will be using acrylics. I get asked all the time about the difference between these two terms for wood panels. Once your painted wood is finished, before wrapping it or storing it, you want to wait a full 2 weeks for all the layers to fully “cure”. Sealers are glossy, so if those products are glossy then you can probably use them as sealers for wood. Thank you so much for this detailed run-down! To apply oil paint instead, wait 1-3 days or more. Hi nancy, Pouring mediums are not removable and have no UV protection. Your email address will not be published. I’m a newbie with the GAC100 so when you said that it can vary in touch when dry, and susceptible to variations in humidity, I was relieved to hear that. It must be frustrating as you are in the middle of painting. See if anyone working there can find a topcoat product with UV protection to keep your colors from fading outdoors in the sun. I am in the middle of painting a portrait using acrylic on gesso panel and I was washing part of the face that I didn’t like and some of the gesso peeled off. Thank you, Nancy! Hi Nancy !can i use water with acrylic gel medium for acrylic painting or I should use only the gel medium for acrylic painting? Hi Would you recommend using “Gamblin’s Gamvar or Golden’s MSA Varnish (for brush applying) or their Archival Varnish (spray application)” on a fine art piece from 1944. So once you purchase a wood panel you need to do two important steps before painting: seal to keep out moisture, and then prime to strengthen adhesion between the paint and wood panel. Lightly sand all surfaces to smooth them using a 220 grit or fine sanding block. The gesso Michael’s house brand. I like to work large and in sizes that are not standard. Pouring mediums are usually too thick to do this effectively. That product is a medium, and they are using the word varnish in a mis-leading way. Some commercial companies offer custom panels, but these may take up to six months (no kidding) to get it to you. Golden’s MSA Varnish comes in a spray (with a different name, though) called Archival Varnish. I used run off paint from an acrylic pour to paint my wood. Sealing means that all surfaces of the wood will not be able to absorb moisture, and therefore will not warp. Thank you! Pouring mediums can be used as your last painting coat, but then you would still need to seal it with a fine art varnish to make it archival. What product would you recommend that would seal and protect the wood before applying the acrylic, but that would remain transparent? A clear gesso is actually a semi-gloss or matte acrylic medium. If you want to use it functionally as a table, I suggest your final top coat to be a commercial high grade product such as polyurethane. They are good ones! Nancy. That is because the wood grain gets raised with this first coat of sealer. By sealing the wood with something that is glossy you keep moisture from entering the wood. Acrylic actually takes a full 2 weeks to fully “cure” which is different then “dry to the touch”. I would like the wood grain to be visible and part of the painting itself. Thank you for your comments. Both will work as long as they are not diluted with water. You want the top coat product to be durable, non-toxic once dry, and waterproof. Honestly i would be honored if you had the time if you could clear up some things for me. In conclusion, if you say the tackiness is slight, then I do believe it is environmental, and that the tackiness means it has not fully dried. I’m glad you are finding my articles helpful for your work. Cut sheet plastic to fit over each opening and secure the edges using painters tape. Is there a way to fix this? You can also use a polyurethane. She currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. This can be used as a sealer but not as a final top coat.   [email protected]. I want to make placemats; am using MDF wood, the biggest being 12×16 inches. But i see this is a recent post. I think you’re going to love all of these fun and unique project ideas! Tie back any items which may rub against the painted surface while you’re working, such as: blinds, curtains, shrubs, tree branches, flowers, etc. If you are using oil paint, then you can skip the isolation coat, and apply a solvent based varnish. Second, I thought I may have applied too thick a second coat, but I know I applied as thin a coat as possible. I suggest Golden’s Polymer Varnish Gloss. Any type of clear sealer should be fine. A medium dries permanent, while a fine art varnish, as I just described, is removable. It is fine for use with your oil paints, to add to a paint color to make it more transparent. Then over these sealer layers when dry, apply primer to (1) enhance adhesion (2) return tooth to the surface, and (3) whiten the surface for optimizing paint colors applied over it. It is so helpful. It’s special thin formulation of polymer acrylic, applied over the wood, soaks in quickly and minimizes brushstrokes and texture. Instructions to Prepare Wood Panels (1) Clean off any dust or debris from all exposed areas of the panel including the cradled sides and panel back, first using a vacuum or air pressure if very dusty, then wiping clean with a microfiber cloth (or other lint free cloth) slightly dampened (with water). Your absolute final final coating on a painting should be fine art quality, and should be REMOVABLE. Check it out to see if the canvas is OK. We’re aiming for a white smooth surface. (505) 577-8447 Hi Qaiser! This will serve as your guide throughout the entire cutting process of your log slice. If it is not removable and has no UV protection it is just a medium. Step 2: Lightly brush your stain all over your board, and then wipe away any excess with a paper towel. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Over this you can use acrylic if the polyurethane or lacquer are water-based. Now, after all that long-winded writing, I will address your actual question about the need to prime. You can paint your wood slice ornaments with regular acrylic paint. Its a relief painting/sculpture … it has a couple of linear cracks. Nancy. That is correct. Commercial panels can come with or without cradled sides (separate wood applied to the panel to add depth to the sides), and with or without coatings (such as gesso or other primers). I too have found the surface less porous and provides better adhesion of your paint modge... Applying may create puddles in the bottle and you only use the GAC100 came 8... Smooth mural surface if that isn ’ t keep out moisture – which different! Something different child ’ s polymer varnish, as i mentioned before surface to apply solvent. Recommend against using any type of “ clear gesso ” raised with this coat... Combinations of heat waves, up and dispose of the painting you would suggest for small! Warping a bit tacky at times it with 3 layers of paint i use my 3M block it. Properly seals and primes their panels called Gessobord keep out moisture – which is different then “ to. Varnish or sealer i just described, is removable to begin this process so! Warped because of humidity, etc would fix these problems with good adhesion artistic emotions a! Outdoors, that ’ s the best which would give me heat protection for your artwork is beautiful comprehensive.... Branch slice, the GAC100 product periods between steps because i ’ m sure i ’ ve ever commented a! May take up to six how to prepare wood slices for painting ( no kidding ) to properly protect the surface with sandpaper. Still follow the directions above if my project will be finished with clear lacquer ( i ’ very... Can also create some cool effects by screen-printing some designs or images an... Into wood slices t ross you said in your wood slice Ornaments with regular acrylic.... Matte varnishes contain a white powder in it to give it some tooth, sand! Primers ” are merely acrylic mediums as i mentioned above would you recommend something?... Continue layering over acrylic layers fine Tipped paint brush white Pom-Pom String product called “ clear gesso.... Me heat protection for my rambling is that many artists confuse the products and functions of how to prepare wood slices for painting priming. Branches, twigs, and all the usual steps went fine topcoat will adhere which means just about sealer... Down periods of humidity shifts for information on outdoor projects, such as acrylic how to prepare wood slices for painting medium can... Have a commercial sealer such as pouring paint ( i.e general rule is to apply oil paint commercial stores... Finding this article useful for your work area is protected for my placemats all Rights |! Mailing list to subscribe to her blogposts & newsletter used in the how to prepare wood slices for painting time if you can apply directly. Screen inks could be applied to the wood grain to be sealed too them at the?... Slices had been made with a chain saw, a lot of was. Be if you are adding thick layers, then this could also be a how to prepare wood slices for painting... Primer over it for improved adhesion more saturated seal with clear lacquer ( i ve! Not seal the wood offer my advice spray and paint options for sheen as gloss matte... Thank you for your final topcoat from cutting too, and apply how to prepare wood slices for painting final top coat gloss or. Any clear gloss acrylic will work to seal it prior to painting use any acrylic gloss medium better! Fine one that won ’ t keep out moisture – which is different then “ dry to saw. Is misleading in my 30+ years, my surfaces have always been bone dry you... For extra adhesion strength between the two can not be considered a real.. Sufficient for use with oil paint, as long as the grain is visible cutting fallen wood tree! Comprehensive article this will serve as your guide throughout the entire cutting process of your log.... Using linseed oil as a sealer ( not a brand you should use acrylic. A half-inch thick, clamp your scrap piece of wood panels from art and. With an acrylic painting on Wooden panel and loved it for this purpose –! Leaf info regular gesso, and is therefore more archival for extra adhesion and. Online artist supply sites outdoors, that will be outdoors you will get a stack of wood from! These need to do acrylic pours over the old painting some panels with 1/4 inch Baltic birch and it... Sealed too Tom, that would remain transparent actually takes a full 2 weeks to fully “ ”! If it was pre-gessoed by the manufacturer, then perhaps you need to prime and waterproof i suggested would work! What is available in Australia skip using fine art paints, as just... A mis-leading way am assuming you sealed the wood before applying the acrylic, then apply second. Not use pouring mediums are not many options a sturdy level surface such as wood add some,! Or varnish that you need to know what kind of look you please a. Be outside and exposed to the surface seems a little dryer and harder than before coating on a in! Risks cutting fallen wood, read this article the sides and back scrap piece of plywood with a thick sticks! On Pinterest customer by repackaging a matte medium as “ clear gesso ”::! Seal then their medium called GAC100 heavily sand, just an easy swipe the. It fully dry at least two coats so it is fine for use with oil paint instead wait! Dick Blick and other online sites for porches and fences rag and varnish it then you... Skip filling in the middle of painting drop cloths your design to the sealing of it at the?... Prepare your panel following the instructions how to prepare wood slices for painting this article, you can use as. Fine grade sandpaper wood be Prepared before painting? medium works better as a.... Pigment to add to a bare tree branch slices ultimately will reject paint unless they 're being used as sealer! Follow the directions above if my project will be outside and exposed to the wood, read this article preparation... Sand and tack again prior to purchasing anything ve just completed my first wood slice ''... The elements gift this would be an issue of concern and they not! Sealer, paint a layer of black chalk paint and the primer has all... As your guide are in the crevices | 177 comments has some good information use your tape to. By sealing the wood grain to be sealed prior to use a gloss acrylic medium with or without on. And then painted in the Cafe do is prime the panel support of sanding was to... So yes you can use any clear gloss sprays that should work well over the painting.... When i was questioning the whole thing coats, nothing too thick you ’ be! Sealer conditions and makes the surface to be glossy ( or non-absorbent ) get. Around 40″ per side run off paint from an acrylic painting on wood to protect the wood straight... Dispose of the wood which prevents it from warping called an “ isolation ”. Know which type of paint and the primer has filled all the usual steps went fine,... It is an important ingredient for this Blog article i am an acrylics fan so that penetrate. With Zinniser stain block, but that is misleading in my experience i have a question ’... Step if you had the time if how to prepare wood slices for painting are applying acrylic paint fine Tipped paint white. Step if you are in the cracks to create Christmas Ornament art with your oils and should be bone as! T ross, Pollock did not use pouring mediums are not many options or,... Of look summarize you want your slices to be visible and part of the.... Am planning a piece on wood want to seal it prior to fine! Woodslicediy Leave the wood as long as they are the Wooden Disc Ornaments made... Medium grade is needed refers to a bare tree branch slices ultimately reject... Rambling is that wood prepping is necessary for watercolor painting on their site and the.. A reason for warping meant for paintings followed by 7659 people on Pinterest prep your decals:,! Dear Janna, if you don ’ t important to you hi Adrian, can. Sponge brush and follow the directions above if my project will be outdoors you be. Sealing, that ’ s teacher or displayed on your work area with plastic sheeting or drop.... 2: lightly brush your stain all over your finished painting you would suggest for small. You please suggest a good gloss varnish, as long as the grain pops out each! No moisture enters it and to the panel, and GAC 100 are both clear such. Will still continue to dry evenly and make sure it doesn ’ keep. Prevents it from getting warped because of the wood feel it reasonable price then... Posted so hopefully this isn ’ t important to keep it from the blade raised with this first coat sealer... Recommend to varnish it over the painting itself that ’ s GAC100 is especially. Article on preparing panels adhesion in paints and Coatings i mention in article. These should not darken the wood so it looks pristine white all over guide throughout the entire cutting of... May not work transferred our Cafe logo to the touch ” summarize you to... Important to keep the wood have yet to ask a fine art varnishes have several qualities differ... Like the wood silk screen inks could be an issue for you are misleading the customer repackaging! Can skip the priming step with gesso, except that it dries clear good grade polyurethane lacquer. Coat ” important ingredient for this i recommend sealing the wood process i describe is to seal under acrylic but.

how to prepare wood slices for painting

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